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You may have seen this statement on the homepage of our website: “Home of the 9-Year Warranty.” We wanted to talk a little bit in this post about what is included in our warranty and why we have chosen to offer a warranty to our customers.

Basically, our warranty covers any issues that surface as a result of improper workmanship for a period of nine years from the date of your final billing. PaintGreen supplies the labor to correct the condition and make things right.

Why Choose a San Diego Painting Company Offering a Warranty?

In an effort to save money on house painting, some San Diego homeowners choose to hire a handyman to do the job. Their reasoning is likely that painting is not that difficult of a job—pretty much anyone can do it, so why pay extra to have a professional house painting company do it?

There are multiple reasons why you would choose a professional painting contractor—and we talk about them at length on our website and in this blog—but a good warranty is definitely on the list! A good warranty covers you if the job isn’t done to your satisfaction, or if issues pop up down the road. No handymen that we know of guarantee their work the way we do. There are even some other licensed painting contractors in San Diego that don’t offer a warranty. If you’re not sure if a company or individual offers a warranty, make sure you ask! Don’t just assume that they do.

What a Warranty Says About a Company

When a painting company offers its customers a warranty, it tells you something about that company. First of all, it tells you they are confident in the work they do. Any company that provides cheap or shoddy work would never even think to offer a warranty. They’re more interested in getting the job done as quickly as possible, getting paid, and moving on to the next job.

On the other hand, house painting companies like PaintGreen, who take pride in their work, want every customer to be completely satisfied. We take the time to do the job right. We put in the effort to do the proper prep work and use high-quality paint and the right equipment for the job. Our team is highly trained and skilled. We know we do great work and are more than happy to guarantee it.

A warranty also tells you that a company is in it for the long haul—that they will be there for you later on if you experience a problem. If you go with a “fly-by-night” company, you likely won’t be able to get ahold of them should you ever need something fixed.

Here at PaintGreen, we do great work, but we aren’t perfect—no company is. On the rare occasion that mistakes occur, we own up to them and fix them for our customers.

Warranty Exclusions

Just like any warranty, there are exclusions to ours—things that are not covered. For example, we don’t cover damage that has occurred as a result of abuse. We also don’t cover things that a typical home warranty would not cover, such as water or fire damage, or natural disasters. In addition, if we filled some small cracks in your walls before painting, and those same cracks reappear, we aren’t responsible for fixing them again.

If the problem with your paint is a result of our mistake, we are happy to fix it. We’re not one of those companies that denies any warranty claim they’re presented with. We really do want our customers to be satisfied with our work—even if it means going back later to take care of a problem.

How Do You Make a Warranty Claim?

If a problem emerges within the nine-year warranty period, contact us as soon as you notice it. We ask that you send us a certified letter detailing the issue. That way, you can be certain that we received your claim. We will follow up with you in a timely manner regarding the next steps. 

You can also ask us for more details about our warranty at your initial consultation, which you can schedule here.