Looking for inspiration?

Want to give a new color a try? Every month, PaintGreen recommends a color that’s trending. Check out this month’s color and you may discover the perfect color for your project!

  • We're back with another color of the month: March 2023. This month, we highlight a beautiful warm color selection called Kestrel White. 

  • This month's color of the month is Homburg Gray. It is a beautiful gray color with a nice green undertone.

  • Redend Point is this month's color of the month! The kitchen is arguably the most important part of your home. How is your kitchen serving you these days?

  • For the month of December, homeowners are choosing to warm their homes with Bakelite Gold!

  • For the month of November, homeowners are going organic with the soothing color of Rosemary!

  • For the month of October, people are modernizing their homes with Samovar Silver!

  • For the month of September, Snowbound is the color that’s illuminating people's homes.

  • For the month of August, Shoji White is the color that's trending in people's homes.

  • For the Month of July, Chartreuse is the trending color that is brightening people’s homes.