Color of the Month: November 2023 protect painted cabinets

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Toile Red (SW 0006)

Toile Red, October’s captivating color of the month, beautifully balances tradition and modernity with its deep, mineral-inspired hue. Its inviting warmth effortlessly blends with an array of reds and neutrals, creating a timeless yet contemporary look that exudes sophistication. Complement this style with lush greenery, sleek lines, and organic wood accents for a polished, refined ambiance. For a bold twist, consider incorporating a contrasting jewel tone like Blue Peacock to infuse a touch of whimsical charm. Let Toile Red be the cornerstone of your design, as its versatile nature effortlessly adapts to both classic and cutting-edge interior themes, infusing any space with an alluring richness that never goes out of style.

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Color Of The Month: November 2023
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Month Color Name Hex Code Color
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May 2022 Pink Taffy 05D-2
June 2022 Heirloom China 37C-7
July 2022 Chartreuse SW 0073 Chartreuse
August 2022 Shoji White SW 7042 SHOJI WHITE- SW 7042