Green Business

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Being an environmentally conscious painting company is about more than just the paint we use. While we do offer our customers Low and No-VOC paint options for their house painting projects, we also are committed other business practices that reduce our environmental impact and contribute to cleaner air and less waste being put into our landfills.

Cleaner Air

Cleaner air is something we should all strive for! Air pollution contributes to many adverse health effects, such as respiratory infections, heart disease, and even cancer. Conversely, clean air supports healthy brain and body functions and has even been shown to make you happier! PaintGreen is committed to helping clean up the air we breathe through the following practices:

  • We use fuel-efficient vehicles like Smart Cars, rather than big trucks that burn through many more gallons of gasoline.

  • We use non-toxic paints that keep harmful chemicals out of your home.

  • We follow green practices in our office that reduce our carbon footprint, such as using power-saving features on our computers and energy-efficient lighting throughout our building.

  • We contribute to One Tree Planted, an organization that plants trees around the world. Trees are one of the earth’s most powerful natural remedies to help clean our air by absorbing harmful pollutants.

Less Waste

In all of our business practices, we seek to create the least amount of waste possible—whether that means reusing or recycling when we can, using recycled materials, or just producing less waste by consuming fewer materials that would end up in landfills. Here are some of the practical things our company is doing to reduce waste.

  • We use washable, reusable canvas drop cloths instead of rolls and rolls of plastic when we can.

  • We reuse plastic and supplies whenever possible.

  • We recycle leftover paint.

  • We train our employees on how to keep waste to a minimum.

  • We use recycled paper in our office.

  • We provide a high-quality, long-lasting paint job to every customer. Painting is green by nature—protecting structures from sun damage, rot, and insects—but a durable paint job means fewer resources will be used over time, since you will need to repaint less often.