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Black Magic (SW 6991)

November’s featured color, Black Magic (SW 6991), embodies a timeless and eternally relevant hue that anchors a palette of dynamic and charismatic colors. This selection takes a colorfully contemporary approach to classic mid-century colors. In a design era where modern aesthetics often favor neutral grayscale palettes, the mid-century modern style brings back the vibrant bursts of charismatic color.

Black Magic stands at the forefront, showcasing its enduring elegance and versatility. As the central piece of this palette, it sets the stage for a captivating play of supporting colors. These hues, inspired by the mid-century design ethos, create a harmonious blend that bridges the gap between classic and modern styles.

This November, embrace the enchantment of Black Magic and its accompanying palette, where the convergence of styles transforms your spaces into a celebration of both timeless sophistication and contemporary vibrancy.

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