Bedroom - Snowbound SW 7004

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Snowbound: SW 7004

For the month of September, Snowbound is the color that’s illuminating people’s homes. This timeless shade of white welcomes back the use of color. No matter how you pair it, you can combine virtually any color with Snowbound, as it serves as a neutral color that balances well with anything. This paint color is perfect for homeowners who like to change up the decor of their house with different colors every season. Whether it be your home’s interior walls or kitchen cabinets, Snowbound is a timeless color that can never go wrong. Snowbound’s crisp color creates a blank canvas for all kinds of aesthetics—whether antique vintage or modern beauty. Don’t feel bound to a specific color scheme, and be free with Snowbound’s fresh, bright color!

Snowbound SW 7004


Color of the Month Archive
Month Color Name Hex Code Color
April 2022 Hint of Violet 2114-60
May 2022 Pink Taffy 05D-2
June 2022 Heirloom China 37C-7
July 2022 Chartreuse SW 0073 Chartreuse
August 2022 Shoji White SW 7042 SHOJI WHITE- SW 7042
September 2022 Snowbound SW 7004 Snowbound SW 7004