Changing Your Space with Color

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Selecting the right paint colors can significantly impact your enjoyment and comfort in a room. Discovering how colors can influence our perception of space is fascinating, making the makeover process even more exciting. The right color choice can make a room appear larger or cozier, affecting its size and shape in our minds. If you’re wondering how to plan your room-painting project, consider these helpful tips to guide you.

Manipulate Your Space How You Want

Various paint colors, as well as their different shades, can evoke distinct effects. Generally, lighter and cooler colors create a sense of distance, making them appear farther away. On the other hand, darker and warmer colors tend to feel closer, as if moving toward us. Understanding this concept allows us to manipulate the perception of space, making it look larger or smaller, altering its shape, and highlighting desired focal points.

Make Your Space Appear Larger or Smaller

If you’re dealing with a space that feels cramped and claustrophobic, painting the ceiling a lighter color can work wonders. This technique will make the ceiling appear higher, giving the room a more spacious and open feel. On the other hand, if you are working with a larger space, painting the ceiling a darker hue than that of the walls can help make it feel cozier. This simple trick will create the illusion of a lower ceiling, making the room feel more inviting.

Change the Shape of Your Space

Just as paint can make your space appear larger or smaller, it can also change the shape of your area. For long and narrow spaces, you can employ a clever painting technique that involves painting each end wall (the shorter ones) between a shade or two darker than the adjacent walls. This simple adjustment creates an illusion of the end walls being closer to you, effectively balancing the proportions and transforming the room into a square shape. For large and bare walls, you can utilize the molding to break up the vast expanse. You can add visual interest and dimension to the space by painting different colors above and below the molding. Opting for a darker color on the bottom section to anchor and ground the room will give it a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Painting Your Space

When designing your home, the possibilities for using color to enhance your space are endless. Paint will allow youto manipulate your space’s size and shape. If your interested in revamping your home, feel free to reach out to the paint experts at PaintGreen. We know all the tips and tricks and will be able to create a home that fits your desires. Give us a call at (619) 446-6983, or click here for a FREE estimate!