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If you’ve never used PaintGreen as your San Diego painting contractor, you’re probably wondering exactly what type of house painting service we offer. Specifically, you’re likely questioning what to expect if you hire us as your San Diego house painting provider.

While we could tell you all about our mission statement and go over our entire list our services in an attempt to convince you that we’re one of the best San Diego painting contractors there is, we’d rather share with you a few words written by Faye P. in a recent Yelp review.

Faye starts out by saying, “If you are searching for a company that will treat your home like it’s their own Paint Green is the company for you.” In the interest of full transparency, it wasn’t Faye’s home that we painted, but of her dad’s. That’s probably why this review means so much to us, because we all know how protective we can be of our parents!

Anyway, Faye went on to explain what she thought of our San Diego house painting service from the start to the finish. She said, “From the initial visit to view my Dad’s home until the completion of the job the owner of Paint Green, Jon and his staff makes sure your home is treated with care. The entire process was easy, simple and with no issues. Sergio and the other painters were very professional, but also friendly, informative and left the property thoroughly clean each day before they left.”

Faye was also impressed that, not only did our trusted and professional house painting staff answer any questions she or her father had “within a day or less,” but we also did what we needed to do to make sure they were both 100 percent happy that they chose us as their professional house painters.

“A week after the job was completed we noticed a few areas on the rain gutters needed another coat of paint,” Faye says. “Sergio came back and applied another coat of paint to ensure we were satisfied. My dad’s house looks absolutely wonderful!”

Now, mind you, it had been more than 30 years since Faye’s dad’s house had been touched by a painting contractor. In this case, you might expect that Faye and her father may have been expecting a huge increase in cost, just due to inflation alone. But this wasn’t their response at all.

“The cost was reasonable based on the size of the house, concrete wall and wrought iron fencing surrounding the property that was painted as well,” Faye says, before concluding, “We highly recommend Jon from Paint Green and his painters. Sergio is the best! Call Paint Green if you are ready to paint your home with love and care. Thanks Jon and Sergio!”

Because of customers like you, Faye, our San Diego house painters love what they do. It’s also why our house painting service is one of the top painting contractors in the area. So, thank YOU! We couldn’t do it without you!

Contact us to learn more about our services, or to schedule an in-home consultation, where we can provide you with an estimate to have your house painted by a truly professional San Diego house painting company.