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As promised, we’ve posted more video testimonials on our PaintGeen YouTube channel. As of today, we have 17 videos on our channel, all from very happy homeowners! One of our latest videos is with a customer named Dennis, who lives in the Del Cerro neighborhood of San Diego. Dennis was interviewed by PaintGreen owner Jon Ray right after the exterior of his two-story home was finished being painted by the PaintGreen crew.

In his interview, Dennis was first asked if PaintGreen delivered on everything they promised. Dennis’ response was, “PaintGreen was great! You guys showed up on time and I love the amount of prep that you put into getting the house ready before any paint was even put on.”  He also said, “It was nice to see the care and attention that they put into getting ready to paint.”

If you know anything about painting, you know that proper prep work is key to the durability of a paint job—especially on the exterior of a home, which is exposed to the elements. Based on his comments, Dennis understands this and was very appreciative that our crew took the time to prep his house before they began painting.

If you are comparing prices of house painting companies in San Diego, and one of the companies that provides you with a quote is substantially lower than the others, it’s likely because they do little to no prep work before applying the paint. Prep work takes a lot of time, but if you want your exterior paint job to last, you want to hire a company that does the necessary prep work and uses high quality exterior paint.

When we asked Dennis about his experience with the PaintGreen crew, Dennis commented,

“The crew was great! The crew leader was fantastic! Everybody was really easy to communicate with.”

Communication is key when it comes to house painting. The company you hire needs to be willing to listen to you, so you get the result you are expecting. They also need to keep you in the loop, and make sure you are completely satisfied with their work. In our many years of business, we’ve found that good communication goes a long way in producing satisfied customers.

Finally, we asked Dennis, “On a scale one to ten, how likely would you be to refer PaintGreen to family and friends?” Dennis replied, “We’re at an 11.”

We’d like to thank Dennis and all of the other PaintGreen customers who have taken the time to be interviewed for our YouTube channel. These videos help others get an idea of what they can expect when they hire our San Diego house painting company, and they also let us know that we are

If you are looking to have the interior or exterior of your house painted, we’d love to hear from you! We will schedule a time come to your house to assess the scope of work and then provide you with a detailed quote.  You can also ask any questions you many have and learn more about the paint products we use on the San Diego houses we paint.

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