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When you purchase a house that was renovated by a house flipper, things typically go one of two ways:

  1. You get a completely “move-in ready” home that needs no additional work, done by a house flipper who takes pride in their work and does the job right.
  2. You get a home that was hastily renovated for resell, with little to no regard for quality or durability.

Justin, one of our recent customers in San Diego, unfortunately found himself in the second scenario. The people that had flipped the house he purchased in Bay Park had painted its exterior prior to reselling it, and it looked good for a while. However, after only two years of living there, the paint on Justin’s house began to peel and chip.

Justin called PaintGreen to repaint the exterior of his home the right way (the way it should have been done in the first place by the house flippers). Not only did our team repaint the house, but we also scraped off all of the peeling paint, did some additional prep work, and applied two coats of high-quality exterior house paint. In addition, we provided Justin with our 9-year warranty, which comes standard with every paint job completed by PaintGreen.

PaintGreen owner Jon Ray conducted a video interview with Justin at the completion of the project. When he asked Justin about his experience with the PaintGreen crew, Justin responded, “The crew was great! It’s a decent-sized house, and they knocked it out in probably about four days. They were really nice—incredible to work with.”

Some of Justin’s other comments in the interview include, “It looks like a brand-new house. We are happy with the job you guys did.” And, “Overall—zero complaints.”

In our professional opinion, Justin’s house came out great! It is a huge improvement from the peeling paint that was there before. It does, indeed, look like a brand-new house. The white paint Justin chose for the walls and the black he picked for the trim look great with the brick accents and wrought iron that are part of the home’s exterior.

There are lots of people in San Diego who paint houses, but not all of them do the prep work that is necessary to keep the paint from peeling. If you are considering exterior house painting in San Diego, make sure you go with a professional company like PaintGreen that will give you a paint job that will hold up well over time. You can learn more about our approach to exterior house painting here. When you’re ready to schedule a consultation to get a quote for your project, visit our contact page.