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Did you know that PaintGreen paints furniture? Our company is mostly known for interior and exterior house painting in San Diego, but we are also able to give furniture new life and a new look with paint! Since we do a lot of kitchen cabinet painting throughout San Diego, we have all of the experience and equipment necessary for quality furniture painting.

We were recently hired by Suzanne in Coronado to paint a 20-year-old stained wooden dresser. We sprayed it with white paint using a high-quality paint sprayer to give it a super smooth finish. Once it was dry, we did a little bit of distressing around the edges to give it an antiqued look. We finished it with a coat of urethane to make the paint job more durable.

Suzanne was thrilled with the results. In an interview conducted with her by PaintGreen owner Jon Ray after the job was complete, Suzanne commented that the dresser “…came out so much better than I ever thought was even possible.”

In the video interview, you can see the completed dresser, including a close-up of the antiquing work we did. Suzanne said,

“You have to see the ‘before’ to appreciate it… it was UGLY!” Now, it’s a beautiful piece that looks brand new! As Suzanne put it, “it has completely been revived!”

If you have pieces of wood furniture that are still in good structural condition, but could use a new finish, consider having them painted by the team at PaintGreen. Most older furniture is much better quality than what you can buy in stores today, so think twice before you get rid of an old piece of furniture, like a dresser, nightstand, or chair. We can make old or outdated furniture look brand new, or we can take a simple piece and paint it an unexpected color, turning it into a conversation piece in your home.

Furniture painting seems like it would be an easy DIY project, but if you want a smooth, professional finish, consider hiring a professional painter. You will likely get a much better result and save yourself the time and hassle of trying to do it yourself.

To see more of our testimonial videos, check out our YouTube channel, which is filled with interviews with some of our many satisfied customers. We’re constantly adding new videos, so check back often to learn more about what we’re doing for homeowners throughout San Diego. When you’re ready to have your own home, cabinets, or furniture painted, give us a call or contact us through our website to schedule a consultation.