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La Jolla is a beautiful community, and our house painting company has been fortunate to paint a lot of the amazing homes in the area. If you have a home in La Jolla and have been looking for a house painting company, read on and learn more about how the team at PaintGreen can help!

Interior and Kitchen Cabinet Painting in La Jolla

The La Jolla residents we know take great pride in their homes. They don’t just want a good paint job—they want an exceptional paint job! Fortunately, at PaintGreen, we have some of the most skilled and experienced paint crews working in La Jolla! They paint walls and trim with the precision you expect.

When it comes to kitchen cabinet painting, they are some of the best in the business! Your cabinets will be completed with a smooth, durable finish. We use only high-quality paint and sprayers. Low and No-VOC paint is also available.

Exterior House Painting in La Jolla: Prep Is Key!

Proper preparation is key when we paint the exterior of any home, but for homes in coastal communities like La Jolla, it’s even more important! Paint can take a real beating on homes near the coast. Between the wind, the salty air, and the sunshine, there are a lot of elements that have a negative effect on house paint. Because of that, it’s all the more important to have your house painted by professionals who take the time and complete all the steps necessary to make your paint job last.

At PaintGreen, we have a five-step process for exterior house painting. It includes:

  • Washing all areas that will be painted to remove any dirt and salt
  • Scraping any peeling paint, and then sanding, priming, caulking, and patching where needed
  • Applying two coats of top-quality paint
  • Cleaning up
  • Doing a final inspection to make sure our work meets or exceeds your expectations

There are plenty of house painters in La Jolla who are able to spray paint on your house, but not all of them will take the necessary steps or use quality products to make sure your paint lasts.

Customer Service at Its Finest

At PaintGreen, we do our best to make the process of having your house painted as simple as possible. You can schedule your appointment either online or contact our office by phone. We will show up on time and provide you with all the information you need, as well as a detailed quote for your project. If you need help picking paint colors, we can help with that as well!

When it comes time to have your house painted, our crew will also show up on time. They will put in a full day’s work and will be respectful of your home and your property. They won’t leave until you are completely satisfied with their work.

Do you own a home in La Jolla that could use painting—either inside or out? We would love to talk with you. Contact us at PaintGreen to schedule an in-home consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!