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As he does from time to time, PaintGreen owner Jon Ray conducted a video interview with some customers following the completion of their house painting project. This time, it was Steve and Kari in Lemon Grove. Steve and Kari had PaintGreen paint the interior of their Lemon Grove home, and if their interview is any indication, it appears that they couldn’t be happier with the results!

Steve and Kari came to us as referral customers. Kari is a teacher at a local school, and her co-teacher had used us to paint her house. She recommended that Kari call us when she needed her own house painted. We love it when new customers are referred to us! It confirms that we are doing a good job when people are willing to recommend our house painting company to their friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Prior to us starting work in their Lemon Grove home, Steve and Kari were able to move out of their house for a few days. This isn’t necessary when having the interior of your house painted—we are happy to work around you and your family—but it definitely makes things easier on everyone when it’s a possibility. They were able to go somewhere else while we did our work, and then they came home to a freshly painted house!

In their interview, Steve and Kari talked about their experience working with PaintGreen. Kari commented, “It was smooth!…You came and you did your work—faster than I thought, so I was happy about that… thank you! Steve chimed in by saying, “It was fantastic!”

Kari also made sure to comment on how the crew took care of her house after the painting was done. She said, “Everything was put back. He was even cleaning my house, so that was awesome!” In addition, the couple said that PaintGreen had fulfilled all their promises.

At the end of almost every interview he conducts, Jon asks his customers how likely they are to refer PaintGreen to family and friends. Kari commented, “Very likely!” and Steve responded, “Absolutely—yes!”

Steve and Kari were a joy to work with, and we are so happy that they are happy with the final results.

You can see more video testimonials like Steve and Kari’s on the PaintGreen YouTube channel. On our channel, you can also watch interviews with other small business owners in the San Diego area, whose services we highly recommend.

If you are looking to have your house painted—whether you’re in Lemon Grove or another part of San Diego County—we’d love to hear from you. You can schedule your initial consultation online or contact our office to get started. Let us show you why we’re one of the most-referred house painting companies in all of San Diego!