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PaintGreen was founded way back in 2006, and since then, we’ve become known as one of the best house painting companies in San Diego. We’ve painted the interiors and exteriors of homes throughout San Diego County and have many, many satisfied customers.

One thing that a lot of our customers are surprised to learn is that we don’t just paint interior and exterior walls and kitchen cabinets, but we are also able to complete staining projects.

If you have a stained wood deck, patio cover, fence, gazebo, or patio furniture, you know that they can start to look weathered over time. They get discolored from being in the sun and from getting hit with sprinklers and rain. If your wood is starting to show its age, it may be time to have it re-stained.

Just like when we paint the exterior of homes, when we stain, we take great care around your plants and the rest of your hardscape. If you’ve ever worked with stain yourself, you know how careful you have to be to avoid getting drips everywhere. Our team uses liberal amounts of drop cloths when staining, so you only get stain where you want it!

On all of the exterior staining projects we complete, we use a top-quality stain made for outdoor use that withstands the elements really well. We’ve thoroughly researched the exterior stains available on the market and we only use those that we are confident will provide long-lasting protection for your furniture and outdoor wood structures.

If needed, we can have someone from the PaintGreen team help you select a stain color that will complement the exterior of your home. Or, we can find a stain that matches the original stain color that was used. If you need a fence stained a particular color according to your homeowners association, we can stain it the exact color you need.

A lot of homeowners who hire us to stain their outdoor furniture, decks, or patio covers have us do it at the same time as they have the exterior of their house painted. This is a smart way to do it! By doing both projects at once, your home will have an entirely new look when we’re finished. The homeowners in San Diego that we’ve worked with appreciate that they can hire one company to do both the painting and the staining at the same time.

If you contact us now, we can get your project scheduled before summer barbecue season gets here! Don’t let another summer go by with weathered wood in your backyard. Let the team at PaintGreen freshen it up with high-quality stain that will make it look new again. Contact us to schedule a consultation and to get a free estimate on painting or staining.