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PaintGreen is a professional house painting company, but what does that mean exactly?

The word “professional” has a couple different meanings. First of all, a professional stands in contrast to an amateur when it comes to the same activity. We use the word in this way most often when we’re talking about sports. A professional athlete is someone who competes in the sport for a living and gets paid to do it, while an amateur plays without compensation. The title of “professional” can also be given to people who do a job that others might do as a hobby (a professional photographer or a professional dancer). So, when used in this way, the phrase “professional painter” refers to someone who gets paid to paint, as opposed to a DIYer who doesn’t.

But not everyone who gets paid to paint houses should be considered a professional house painter, in our opinion, because the word professional has another meaning. A professional is also someone who has special training or education, or one who is especially skilled in what they are doing. They garner a certain amount of respect for their abilities or specialized knowledge. Professional house painters are skilled in painting techniques. They are also knowledgeable about different types of paint, and which ones work best in various applications. They know how to use equipment like professional-grade paint sprayers and how to tape off a room so paint only goes where it should. All of this takes a certain amount of training and on-the-job learning.

Why You Should Hire a Professional House Painter in San Diego

Someone who paints houses on the side or who does painting as one of their many service offerings (like a handyman) might do a decent job painting your house, but there are a couple of important reasons why you should hire a professional house painter.

First of all, a professional house painting company will be more likely to stand behind their work. Here at PaintGreen, we give our customers a 9-year warranty on every job we complete. We do this because we care about our reputation. We want to be a respected house painting company that people in San Diego trust to do a good job. When we make a mistake, we fix it. If a customer isn’t completely satisfied, we work until they are. You are not likely to get a guarantee like this with a handyman or someone who does house painting on the side for a little extra cash.

Second, professional painters in San Diego are licensed by the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). A licensed painting company has gone through all the steps that are required by the State of California to work in a specific field of construction. This shows that a company is committed to their profession and has a certain level of competence, according to the state. A licensed company is also required to have workers compensation insurance for their employees. This protects the employees, but it also protects you as a homeowner. If an employee gets hurt while working in your house, the insurance will pay for their injuries, and they won’t come after you to pay their doctor or hospital bills.

Another protection you have when using a licensed painting company is the contractor’s bond. Every licensed contractor is required to purchase a bond. If their work isn’t completed to your satisfaction, you can go after their bond to get some or all the money back that you paid the painter.

So, while hiring a professional, licensed painting contractor doesn’t necessarily guarantee the job will be done right, at least you have some protection as a consumer. But in our experience, professional painters tend to do much better work than those who aren’t professionals. Their work is cleaner, the paint job looks great for longer, and they stand behind their work if any problems pop up in the future.

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