For this project we worked with Adam, a homeowner in the Allied Gardens neighborhood of San Diego. Adam wanted to freshen up the kitchen and living areas of his home and make it more modern.

Before we could begin painting the interior of this home, we had to fix the drywall in several areas. We were able to repair all the drywall issues and match the texture to the existing walls, so there was no evidence that a repair had been made.

Adam chose a gray color for his walls that went well with his flooring, as well as his furnishings. The color also gave his home a crisp, modern look. The gray is neutral enough that it will look great with almost anything—even if he wants to change up his furnishings later.

Gray can be a tricky color to get just right. If you pick the wrong one, it can easily look baby blue once it’s on your walls. Fortunately, at PaintGreen, we have color consultants on our team that can help you select the perfect shade to give you the exact look you were going for.

When asked if he would refer PaintGreen to family and friends his response was, “I sure would!”

If you’re looking for a house painting company that can help you with paint color selection, repair any issues with your walls, and provide you with a professional paint job—inside or out—contact us at PaintGreen. We’ll make the entire process as seamless as possible and provide you with great service from beginning to end.


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