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If you’ve ever looked into what people search for on Google, it can be fascinating. You’ve probably gotten a glimpse into this when you start to type in the Google search bar and Google tries to predict what you are searching for by autocompleting with a commonly searched phrase. When that happens, you may have thought to yourself, “Are other people really searching for that?” Yes, they are. Google explains their autocomplete feature this way:

“Autocomplete predictions reflect real searches that have been done on Google. To determine what predictions to show, our systems look for common queries that match what someone starts to enter into the search box.”

In our business, we often look at what people are typing into the Google search bar when they’re looking for a company to come paint their San Diego house. It helps us determine what kind of language to use on our website. Are more people looking for “house painting companies in San Diego” or are they searching for “house painters in San Diego” or some other variation? As it turns out, some people are looking for “residential house painters in San Diego,” according to Google.

We realize the term “residential house painters in San Diego” is redundant (since “residence” and “house” are synonyms), but people are doing this Google search, nonetheless. If you arrived on this page because you typed that phrase into Google, welcome! PaintGreen could accurately be called a residential painting company, as well as house painters, so if you want to call us “residential house painters,” we won’t argue!

Our team of house painters are some of the best in San Diego. They are highly trained and skilled. They pay attention to the details and work efficiently so your home gets painted in a timely manner. At PaintGreen, we pride ourselves in giving our customers a paint job that lasts. We do all the proper prep work to make sure your home still looks great many years from now. In fact, we offer a 9-year warranty on our work, so that if you do experience any problems, you can have them fixed within the warranty period at no additional cost to you.

Yes, there are many other “residential house painters” in San Diego, but very few of them will give you the results and the level of service you will get from PaintGreen. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. You can book it through our online calendar, or you can contact our office (either by phone or through our online messaging system) and someone will set you up with an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. At your appointment, we will answer any questions you have and provide you with an estimate for your painting project. We look forward to hearing from you soon!