The Benefits of Painting a Brick Home

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At this point in time, it’s pretty safe to say that brick homes will never go out of style. This sturdy material stands the test of time—both in terms of structure and aesthetic appeal. However, bare brick comes with its drawbacks and taking a step to minimize it may be a good route for you. In today’s blog, we will discuss the benefits of painting a brick home and why it might be the right decision for your home.

Painted Brick Protects It from the Elements

One of the main reasons why it’s beneficial to paint a brick house is because it provides a protective barrier. The surface of brick is porous, which can cause small particles to enter the openings. This will eventually lead to various forms of deterioration. Fortunately, a coat of paint on your brick wall will protect your home from the following:

  • Water Damage – Since brick is porous, water can seep through. When moisture intrudes on your brick and lingers, it will expand and contract with temperature changes, causing fractures on the material from the inside out.
  • Dirt and Dust Entry – Dirt and dust can enter the porous surface of your brick, giving it the “dirty” look.
  • Wind Erosion – Brick is also prone to erosion from wind and impact. A coat of paint will serve as a protective layer, keeping your brick in good shape.
  • Ultraviolet Ray Damage – UV rays from the sun will also take their toll on your brick exterior. This will cause discoloration and water damage via a phenomenon known as solar vapor drive.

Painted Brick Offers Easier Maintenance

While brick is known to withstand decades of wear and tear before crumbling, regular maintenance is needed in order to keep it sturdy and avoid any damage repairs. When it comes to bare, unpainted brick, the necessary maintenance to keep it looking good requires gigantically more effort and frequency. As previously mentioned, brick is a magnet for moisture, debris, and dirt. Moreover, its tough texture makes it difficult to clean. Fortunately, by painting your brick, you’ll establish a smooth, protective layer that will not only minimize dirt collection, but will significantly facilitate the cleaning process.

White painted brick house

Painted Brick is a Major Selling Point

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you may want to consider painting your brick. Painted brick is a major selling point for buyers. Despite bare brick’s natural beauty, painted brick gives the home a more modern aesthetic and allows for more creativity and control when it comes to improving the curb appeal. Even if you’re not thinking about putting your home up for sale, everyone wants their home to look beautiful!

Paint Your Brick House with PaintGreen!

Painting brick homes is becoming more popular than ever before, thanks to all the benefits it offers. It helps protect your home from the elements, it decreases the amount of maintenance needed, and it boosts the overall curb appeal of your home. If you’re looking to enhance your brick home with a paint job, contact PaintGreen today! Give us a call at (619) 446-6983, or click here for a FREE estimate!