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Everyone is familiar with the “new paint smell.” It can linger for weeks, sometimes months, after the interior of a house is painted. That smell that we’ve all become accustomed to is actually the result of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being released into the air. And they don’t just smell bad. They can have harmful effects and cause health issues such as headaches, dizziness, or irritation to your nose and throat. Prolonged exposure can have even worse, more long-lasting effects and lead to severe conditions such as asthma, nervous system damage, or certain types of cancer.

You can find pages of articles online that will give you tips on how to get rid of the new paint smell, but none of the remedies are able to address the issue of the harmful toxins that will remain in your home long after the smell goes away. With Low and No VOC paint, you greatly reduce the amount of toxins in your home, compared to traditional interior paint. It’s safer and just as effective as traditional paint.

Is Low and No VOC Paint Good?

Low and No VOC paint still has a bad reputation with some consumers. They think that they will be sacrificing quality by choosing an eco-friendly paint. This may have been the case in the last millennium; however, over the past 15 years or so, Low and No VOC paint has come a long way! Environmentally friendly paint now covers well and dries quickly. It is also durable—it can withstand repeated washing and it touches up well. We have no reservations about the quality of the Low and No VOC paints we use, and we confidently recommend them to our customers.

Top Paint Brands Making Low and No VOC Paint

As people become more aware of the toxins in their environments, the demand for safer, less toxic products has increased. Thankfully, companies are responding to that demand, and there are more options than ever for those who are looking for eco-friendly paint. Some of the brands of interior paint that you know and trust, such as Dunn Edwards and Sherwin-Williams, now make high-quality Low and No VOC paints that we use at our San Diego residential painting company. There are many years of research behind the development of these paints, and it shows in the quality.

At PaintGreen, we’ve always looked for the best options available that will give our San Diego customers a quality paint job, and also one that is friendly to the environment and safe for our customers.

If you’re looking for a trusted residential painting company in San Diego that uses high-quality Low and No VOC paint, we’d love to talk with you. Our team of experienced residential painters take great pride in their work and treat your home with the care it deserves. Contact us today to set up an appointment to receive your free, no-obligation estimate.